Digger: Searching the location of classes

Apache License 2.0

Copyright (C) 2008- Haruaki TAMADA, Ph.D.

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Manually download

We can download release build from .


We can see digger-x.x.x-bin.jar, and digger-x.x.x-src.jar. Both packages mean as followings.
binary distribution package, contains class files and resource files.
source distribution package, contains pom.xml, source files, resource files and documents.

Binary download by maven2

We can get a jar file of digger by Maven2 using below setting. First, add remote repository entry to repositories tag in `pom.xml.' Next, add dependency tag entry to dependencies tag in `pom.xml.'

      <name>Stigmata Maven2 Repository in</name>




The source can be checked out anonymously from Subversion.

$ svn checkout digger

Web access

We can browse the source code from following link.