First, compilation environment of stigmata is adopted Maven2. If you want to compile this product, you must install Maven2 into your machine.

For more details, see Installation instruction of Maven2

Download and Install

You can download stigmata from sourceforge.jp. Click the name of stigmata latest version of binary archive.

Next, extract downloaded archive, and obtain stigmata-x.x.x directory. Installation is finished.

Launch stigmata

Double clicked stigmata-x.x.x.jar, then launch stigmata.

download page


First, you choose target jar file(s) for extracting birthmarks. Next, you must select birthmark types, and push down extract button. Then you can see the extraction result of selected birthmarks from specified files in the new tab pane.

Birthmark extraction procedureThe result of extraction


First, you choose target files for comparing programs with birthmarks. You must specify target jar file(s) into target selection pane. Next, you must select birthmark types, and push down compare button. Then you can see the comparison result of programs by selected birthmarks in the new tab pane.

You can also select comparison method from round robin, guessed comparison pair by its name, specified comparison pair, and filtering the result of round robin comparison method.

  1. All combination pairs are shown.
  2. Guessed pairs by its name.
  3. Result pairs are specified by user. You must point name mapping file.
  4. Filtering the result of round robin comparison pairs by certain method.
Birthmark comparison procedureThe result of comparison by round robinThe result of comparison by guessed pair


Some analysis methods are implemented. Typical method is distance calculation among classes by their similarities using MDS (Multi-Dimensional Scaling).

MDS analysis